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Collecte of some sms to say i feel you, read and send these text messages I feel you.


My feelings for you sms

I feel you
In every stone
In every leaf of every tree
That you ever might have grown
I feel you
In everything
In every beating of my heart
Each breath i take.
I feel you

Touch my heart & you will feel,
Listen to my heart & you will hear,
Look into my heart & you will see that
You will alwayz be a special part of me.

I feel something in my heart,
It’s like a little flame,
Every time I see you,
This flame lights up,
This flame is special for you,
Because I LOVE YOU!

I feel you in my dreams
Every time I feel you in my heart,
see you in my dreams,
I can watch ur face in my mirror of hand,
I feel like hugging you thousands of time…

Express my feelings in SMS

My heart is like an empty bottle without you. Which may look good but of no use.


For every day, I miss you.
For every hour, I need you.
For every minute, I feel you.
For every second, I want you.
Forever, I love you….

When Your Gone
I Feel So Lonely And Bored .
I Wish I Had Wings,
I Would Fly To Where You Are
You Are My Strength And Happiness
Please Come Back Soon.
I Miss You So Much.

Written by mayno bet

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