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Cute love SMS

This love is love the love best love
way love to love say love to love you
love that love i love miss love you love
read it again without word “love”

Funny SMS message

I Had Vodka With Water
I Felt Drunk
I Had Whisky With Water
I Felt Drunk
I Had Rum With Water
I Felt Drunk
I Swear I’ll Never Drink Water….!!!

Remember me and bare in mind
A faithful girl is hard to find
This is always good and true
So dont go changing old for new

Life without you is impossible,
You are in my breath and blood.
I cant stay for a second without you,
If you are not there i am dead
Boye hello i am talking about OXYGEN.

Boys have fun by teasing girls,
Then girlz cry fr few mins.
Girls have fun by loving boys
Then boyz cry fr life time

Its sweet if your friend finds time to say ‘HI’
Behind his busy schedule….
But its sweeter if he could find time to surprise you
When you least expect it.

Cute short text message

I asked god to bless you..
He did it.
I asked him to love you..
He did it.
I asked him to make you happy…
He smiled and said, ” your sms will do better”…

Even though you are not feeling your best
With a little time, good care & rest
It won’t be long until the happy day
When you are feeling fine in every way.

One seed can create the forest
One smile can start the relationship
One touch can show love and care
And one beautiful friend like you
Can bring the beautiful meaning to life…

Sweet SMS

The Word ‘Hello’ means
H=How are you?
E=Everything all right?
L=Like for hear from you.
L=Love to see you soon.
O=Obviously, I miss you!

Just Wondering..!
Would you smile at me if I smile at you..?
Would you say Hello if I greet you..?
Would you talk to me if I talk to you..?
Would you Add “Too” if I tell you “I Miss you”..?
Darling Really I Miss you From The Core !

Every moment of your life is a pic
Which you had never seen before &
Which you will never see again
So enjoy and live life &
Make every moment beautiful.

Written by mayno bet

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