Sms to say hello

SMS to say hello

Hello is a welcoming expression we use when we see others. When the getting sound comes on the phone call we make, we says ‘hello’. Hello is one good word to meet people with a smile on the face and this group of hello sms will please you with no hesitation.

SMS to say hello

Hello SMS Messages

I do not agree with what you said really..
please explain in detail a bit more for me. Thanks

As light as the morning dew , as soft as satin and am and as fresh as beautiful rose gardens I send you my hello good morning.

Those sparkling eyes,
That amazing face,
A 100watt smile,
The enthu stride,
The cheerful talk,
Charming personality!
I’m still the same. How are you?.

Beautiful texts to say hello

Questions are many,
But answers are few,
So I ask you only a question,
How are you?

Sending you a warm hi
and wishing your day
is a happy one

SMS to say hello

I wanted to help put
A smile on your face today.
So,before I got all tied up
In another busy day
I just had to send you a

Falling in love with you is the second best thing in the world,Cause finding you was the first.

What do I wish from you?
A Heart to Love and in that Heart,
Courage to make Love known.

A letter closed with a beautiful expression , and a bouquet of flowers with a good scent carried by a thousand birds singing Hello.


Written by mayno bet

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