Here a list of welcome sms that you can sent to your beloved or friend to welcome or greet them on a desired occasion or a required purpose.

Welcome back home
Hope your time will be good
And a smile on family’s face


When you told me you are going
I was much sad on that but
Now you are coming
I am much excited
Welcome back


The days which come after you
Was sad and much sad but now
You are coming back its great


Wishing you a welcome back wish
And time will change,
missing will be finish
Now we will be together


It was a great surprise for all of us
That you are coming back once again
Welcome back


We have lost more than words can say.
It is good to see you again to participate
in the weal and woe with us.



Welcome to work!
The office is not the same
without his optimism and kindness.
I was really lost!


I know it’s the first day,
so I do not want to pile up a lot, but…
you’re already a week late on this report!
By the way, hello to the team!


Just to say hello.
Just send you to know that
the ideas you back memories
that brighten my day many
times over the Yar! Care


It is a great pleasure to have you as our class teacher.
On behalf of our school, we all welcome you ma’am!


I am so pleased that you have finally
accepted our offer to join our team.
We all welcome you with our great respect and honor.


Welcome dear sir!
I am sure that your experiences
and skills would be of a great help to all of us.