Once being in love it is impossible to stop thinking about the person you love at least for a while. When you love somebody, all your thoughts, actions are connected somehow with him or her. So if you want to share you thoughts with your loved ones. Then you only have to choose a texte message from the list below and send it to your beloved.

When I think of you the smile is on my face,
my arms need yours, my eyes need yours
and my body need yours


Every minute feels like an hour,
every hour feels like a day,
every day feels like forever,
but I will wait forever and a day for you.


I would cross a thousand oceans
just to hold you tight.
I would climb a thousand mountains
just to be with you every single night.


In the flower my rose is you.
In the jewel my diamond is you.
In the sky my moon is you.
I am body my heart is you.
That’s why I always miss you.


My eyes are hurting bcoz I can’t see you,
My arms are empty bcoz I can’t hold you,
my lips are cold bcoz I can’t kiss yo but,
My heart is breaking bcoz I’m not with you!


I am thinking about you.
When I look in your eyes and they swallowed me.
They have turned the floor underfoot and mixed my head.
Your look is simple but too much to be able to submit.


I think about you constantly,
whether it’s with my mind or my heart.


If I had a single flower for every time I think of you,
I could walk forever in my garden.


When I think about you I am helplessly.
I feel like pain jets all around me in every second.
Yesterday you told me that you will call today.
And today will be day after tomorrow. But you will always be the same.


I am thinking about you,
and I know that the easiest thing is to spin and continue.
But the hardest thing is to stay and try to believe again


Tonight when flowers caresses the grass,
when quietly night dream for day,
tonight when everybody sleep in heaven,
I am thinking of you and your hug


Tonight here, without you I realize how much
you mean to me and how much I need you.
When I look at the stars,
I think about you and I am happy that we are under same sky


I am thinking of a sweet angel
with a sweet smile on her face.
Anyone can easily guess,
I am thinking of you!


I am waiting for the day
when I’ll sit beside you
and gaze into your eyes for hours…
I am lost in your thoughts…
I am thinking of you! Miss you!


Thinking of you brings a bright smile on my face.
If this happens with you too,
then we should meet soon! What say?


Raindrops seems too small,
but it really means a lot for a little bird.
Similarly this message may seem small to you,
but it just to let you know that
I am thinking of you at this moment
and you really mean a lot to me.


I thought of thinking of a beautiful flower,
I thought of thinking about a cute angel,
I thought of thinking of a bright sunshine
but then I came up with something better
than all of these and I started thinking of you.


Don’t blame my heart
for thinking of you every moments.
It’s totally the charm of your eyes
that makes me think of you every second.


Can you imagine a day without daylight? No?
I also cannot imagine a day without thinking of you!


Thinking of you is not as easy as you can suppose,
because when I think about you,
I cannot stop to do something else!