Saying sorry is not easy for anyone but it can revive relationship and let it blossom as it was. Apologizing doesn’t mean that you are wrong and the other is right. It only means that you worth the relationship much more than your ego. Be the first one to say Sorry and heal that special someone’s feelings and make your love, friendship or relationship lasts for ever. Have a look and find the best quote to say sorry with a simple text message that might be of great importance on your relationship.


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Know i’ve hurt you…
I didn’t mean to
I’m soooo sorry…
Please forgive me!

I thought our RELATIONSHIP was immune to all of life’s diseases
until a virus called LIES made it sick.
I am going to use a regular doze of medication which includes APOLOGIES,
HUGS and KISSES to make it feel better. I am sorry.


With a bruised heart and a deflated ego,
with sad soul and a head hung low.
I apologize to you unconditionally,
baby I am really very sorry.
I love you.


I am sorry for being jealous.
It’s just that I’m afraid of losing the best thing
to have ever happened to me.


I took for granted, all our smiles, laughs and memories.
I promise I’ll never do it again,
because they mean the world to me.
I am sorry.


Sorry is the only word you will see in my texts,
Facebook updates, tweets and pins…
until you forgive me


I am sorry for making you lose your temper.
But to be honest, you look boiling hot when your temper boils over.


I betrayed your trust and created my life’s biggest disaster.
But now I realize that having you in my life is all that matters.
I am sorry.


My lies have caused a lot of pain.
I promise to never do it again.
All I want is to see you smile – forever and ever,
not just for a while. I am sorry.


If I had a time machine, you wouldn’t be reading this message right now
because I would have gone back in time and undone the hurt I caused you.
I regret my actions badly and I am very sorry

I’m sorry I have let you down.
I promise you, this will be the last time.
Because after this, we’ll never going to go down again.
The only way for you and me is go up and higher.


I don’t know what to say but to apologize for being such a jerk.
I hope you look beyond this mistake and forgive me.


I feel like the worst person in the whole world.
I’m truly sorry for shouting at you and I promise
I’ll never do it again. Forgive me babe.


If I could, I would take back all the things I did to hurt you.
But since I can’t, please make do with my apologies.