To not loose the ones you love, you need ask for forgiveness whenever you hurt them or  you did a bad thing even small. It’s true that saying sorry remains from the hardest moment in one’s life but it’s also one of the most noble feeling. That’s why whenever you hurt your partner, friend, or a family member you need to ask for appology so that your relationship remains good and lasts forever. Here in this article, we provide with a list of sorry sms and texts that can be helpful to you to choose and send to the one you hurt and ask for forgiveness.


    Sorry sms

I am Sorry To Hurt Your Feelings My Love.
I Should Have
Kept My Promises As I Had Told You.
I Don’t Know The Reason
Why I Did Wrong To You
If U Feel That I Had Hurt You By Unpleasant Words
Then Please Forgive Me And Accept My Sorry.
I Never Meant To Hurt You


I m sorry for blaming you…
For everything I just couldnt do…
And I’ve hurt myself by hurting you…
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to
hear your voice again…
Sometimes, I want to call you,
but I know you won”t be there…
It’s hard to say goodbye
When i need u.


You are as sweet as honey.
You are as bright as the sun.
If you accept my apology, you’ll be my number one.

I’m sorry I have let you down.
I promise you, this will be the last time.
Because after this, we’ll never going to go down again.
The only way for you and me is go up and higher.


I’m sorry. Please give me another chance.
Forget that day, I don’t wanna fight again.
I love you. I just simply want you here in my arms.


I am not Perfect
I make Mistakes
I hurt People
But when i say SORRY
I mean it


I Don’t Know Quite
How To Make Things Better Between Us
I Can Start By Saying
I’m Sorry
I Really Am ..


I am extremely sorry for hurting you yesterday
and ask for forgiveness from you.
I know that you are one of the good people around my life.


I am very sorry that I did a grave thing in hurting you yesterday.
I am ashamed of myself for mocking yoou in front of everybody.
I am very guilty and ask for forgiveness from you for the wrong doing.


I hope you accept this apology,
for it comes not only with the deepest
regrets but with feelings so pure,
that it’d make a pearl seem tainted.


I’m heartbroken and I feel very bad for lying to you.
I know I will never be able to make it up to you.
But at least let me try by accepting my apology.
I am sorry sweetheart, I will never lie to you

You are the brightest ray of light in my life.
Your anger makes my world dark.
Please forgive me.


How can I begin to say I`m sorry.
I didn’t mean to upset you.
I hope that you can forgive me.I’m sorry.

How can I begin to say I`m sorry.
I didn’t mean to upset you.
I hope that you can forgive me.I’m sorry.