Never be the reason for your girl’s tears but if you did a mistake or being stupid or acting badly with her then you need and  owe her  and aplology. An apology is the smallest thing you can do for her to not loose her. Saying sorry can revive your relationship and let it blossom like before. There are different ways to say I’m sorry. There are sorry cards, sms services, emails and ecards. The examples below will help you achieve the desired goal and will teach you how to apologize to a girl. Hope our collection of sample sorry messages and sms will help you find the correct words to say sorry and make your relationship lasts forever.


My princess,
I’m willing to wait forever for your forgiveness!
You’re the one in my heart. Kisses


Look at the stars tonight, they’ll whisper:
“I am sorry for what I’ve done”.
I love you and hope for your understanding.


Our love is strong and boundless,
let’s not let the petty grievances destroy this beautiful
world of understanding and tenderness.
I love you and I ask for your forgiveness.


Beloved, forgive me!
I promise I will never let my ego dominate in our relationship.
I love you very much

I am afraid to lose you, for me,
you are my ideal woman.
I’m sorry for my stupid jealousy,
I am no longer going to upset you.


My heart is crying without you and the world around has dimmed,
please, bring colors into my life!
I love you.


Darling, my love became the key to your heart,
let’s keep these sweet memories and forget the bad.
I’m sorry, I love you


I ask you to please forgive me for my mistakes;
perhaps you do not want to listen to me right now,
but I am truly sorry for what happened
and I beg you not to leave me out of your heart.


You know what I miss the most?
Talking with you and sharing my world with you.
I miss you and I’m sorry.


I don’t have to kneel in front of you,
or cry you a river to tell you how sorry I am.
You know who I am, and you know
that I can’t stand you being hurt;
especially by me.
I’m sorry, let me make it up to you

I know I’m not perfect, and I may have hurt you.
But give me a chance again and I’ll prove to you that I can give you each day,
that perfect moment that can make you smile and not be hurt again.

My pride is bigger than me,
I never apologize for something.
But I’d rather lose my pride than lose you.
I’m sorry.


Our relationship is important to me
and here comes a sorry for you to forgive me
and forget what I said


You are the brightest ray of light in my life.
Your anger makes my world dark.
Please forgive me.


I hope you accept this apology,
for it comes not only with the deepest regrets
but with feelings so pure,
that it’d make a pearl seem tainted.


I want you to know that I am sorry.
It was all me to blame.
I love you and I will be true to you forever.
Please forgive me.