Saying sorry is sometimes very hard but it’s always the best way to heal broken hearts. Never waste an opportunity to say sorry to your girlfriend and express your love despite hurting her. Here below we provide you with a list of love message and textx to say say sorry to your love and make her feel happy!


Sms to say sorry my girl

I promise I’ll think before I speak next time.
You know I did not mean any of the things I said to you yesterday, don’t you?
I need you in my life, and I’m very sorry about last night.

I’m sorry I’ve become so jealous and possessive about you.
It’s only because I’m afraid other girls will pounce over hot stuff like you!
But I promise not to get worked up and lose my temper again the way I did yesterday.

I didn’t mean to be such a possessive boyfriend.
It’s just that I love you a bit too much.
I promise to tone my behavior down. I’m sorry, sweetie.


I blame myself for the pain I have caused you and I am ready to do whatever it takes to fix things between us.
Until you forgive me and let me take you back in my arms,
I will keep creating a massive but cute fuss. I am sorry.


There is a drought in my heart, waterfall in my eyes, tornado in my mind and an earthquake in my soul.
And this is not a result of Nature’s fury, this is a result of your anger which I can totally understand.
I am sorry now please stop being so angry at me.

I know that I don’t look handsome when I wear anger on my face.
Sorry for looking so ugly the other day.
I love you.


Being my girlfriend I know you have the right to be angry,
but don’t forget that being your boyfriend,
I too have the right to pamper you until you accept my apology.
I am sorry.


Sorry for all my WHITE lies.
I promise that from on our relationship will be free of lies,
regardless of their color. I love you


I am so sorry my darling, I do not know what went through my head that day,
I should have never made such a jealousy scene, if I acted that way is because I am only afraid of losing your love.
I am a fool to be suspicious of you and now that you are away you do not know how much I miss you.
Please forgive me my princess


My queen, I want to say I feel a lot of pain for what happened, you know I love you,
I have shown you many times and I do not want to lose you for a mistake.
Our love is so beautiful that it does not deserve to have such a tragic ending.
Please my life, forgive me and not condemn me to be an unhappy person for the rest of my life.


I feel terrible about hurting you. Of all people, you are the one I hurt.
I want to apologize deeply and I hope you can forgive me.
I love you and this time, I will be the right man for you.


I have been a fool, and I’m sorry for acting that way.
You complete me. Let’s give it another chance.

I want you to know that I love you with all my heart.
In a relationship, it’s normal to encounter some misunderstandings but in my part,
it’s me who wants to ask for an apology. I’m sorry and I will not hurt you again. I love you!


Please be mine my girl, and forgive me one last time.
Please don’t say no to me. Give me a chance to make it all up to you.
I am in love with you totally, completely and madly.


I miss you now terribly. I’m sorry.
I promise I will do anything just to make it all up to you. I love you.
You are still in my heart and the sweetest person I have ever known. I love you!

I’m sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused you and I regret the things I’ve done.
I’ve lost the 1 girl I’ve ever loved and it was cause of the things I’ve done.


What I really want to say is that I’m sorry, I know that you didn’t deserve to be hurt like that,
and I know that you will find someone who will love you and treat you right,
they will make you happy and that person won’t hurt you like I did.