Distance means nothing when someone means everything…and missing  someone is one of the hardest feelings ever. It’s very important in long distance relationship to use romantic text message to keep the spark going and love never end. With a simple ” i miss you ” sms you remaind that special someone that you will never forget her or him even though you are apart. Enjoy our collection of text message and choose the one that best describe your feelings and send it to your partner.


  • Best sms to say i miss you

I miss u when ur far away.
I think about u every night & day.
Even if we cant b 2gether.
I will miss u now & forever!


Distance may keep us apart,
But just to let you know that you’re always on my mind
Our happy moments I’ll always cherish.Missing you so!


My life will never be the same without you.
I miss you so much, Please come back to me.


Without you,
I feel lonely,
I feel sad,
I feel empty.
Complete me by coming back.
Coz I miss you so much.


Why do I miss you?
Because you make me smile.
You are so kind. You are so sweet.
You are very funny. And most of all,
because you are not texting me any more. That’s why.


You must be a thief cause you stole my heart,
you must be tire cause you’re always running through my mind.
And maybe I’m a bad shooter cause I keep missing you.


I miss you so,
here around me,
so many people,
but yet so alone.
I miss your lips,
your lovely smile,
I miss you each day more and more


i miss u.
i m without u like sky without stars;
like flower without fragrance;
like a heart without feelings


There”s no Special reason for this msg,
I just wanna steal a single moment out of ur busy life
& hope I can make u smile n say: I Miss U.

I miss the moments we hugged to forget life’s sorrows.
I miss the times we laughed and lived carefree.
I miss the times we cuddled until the sun came up.
I miss you all the moments we were together
Please come back to me.


You are always on my mind,
Day and night.
When I think of you,
All feels so right.
Need to have you,
Need to hold you,
And tell you that I miss you and I love you.


Like a runaway bride
my thought is running wild
i miss you like a motherless child
like a groom with no bride
i feel left aside without you by my side
i miss you i do

lying here missing you here
knowing you are there without me near
in my heart i hold you dear
forever i’ll keep you there
i miss you


I miss you:
With each beat of my heart;
With every blink of my eyes;
And every moment of the day!
Miss you, miss you, miss you…

Earth may stop rotating;
Birds may stop flying;
Candles may stop swimming;
Heart may stop beating;
But I’ll never stop missing you!


I miss you;
I miss you when you are far away.
I think of you each night and day.
But in case we can’t be together.
I’ll miss you now and forever!


Wherever you go,
Wherever you do,
You know I love you,
From my heart, I really do.
I miss you…


I miss you,
Every moment, every second, every minute.
Every hour, every day, every week, every month.
Every year, every decade, every centenary.
Oh ho! I think I got carried away.
The truth is I miss you all the time!


You may be out of my sight, but not out of my heart.
You may be out of my reach, but not out of my mind.
I may mean nothing to you, but you’ll always be special to me.