Relationship are very important and it’s quite important too to tell each other ” i love you” or “i miss you”. But telling someone about his love or about how much you miss him is very difficult, so the easiest way to do that is through a text message. To help you find the best message here is a collection of love sms to say i miss you. Have a look and make him/her know about that she/is very important to you!


Saying i miss you with a text message

I have been diagnosed with the deadly I Miss You Syndrome
due to which I suffer from a permanent and irreversible disability
of Missing You all the time.
I miss you sweetheart.


Nights have become sleepless
and days have become sleepy since you have gone away.
I miss you.

When we are together, time just flies away like a jet plane.
But when we are apart, I can feel every ticking second of the clock
hammering one nail after another… straight in my heart.
I miss you girl.


Missing you is not just a habit, it is a deadly addiction.
Missing you is not just a compulsion, it is a painful desperation.
I miss you girl.


Loving you is the most beautiful pleasure I have ever experienced…
but missing you is the ugliest pain I have ever suffered.
I miss you too much.


Every second spent away from you feels like spending a day without water in a hot desert…
desperately looking at the mirage of you walking back straight into my arms.
I miss you.

Sms to say i miss you a lot

When you are with me, my life feels like the sight of a clear blue sky jeweled with a vibrant rainbow.
When you are away from me, my life feels like the scary silence of a pitch black night.
I miss you.


Every time I say ‘how are you?’ my heart says ‘I care for you.’.
Everytime I ask ‘how have you been?’
my heart whispers ‘I miss you’


Your absence should be long enough so that somebody misses you,
it shouldn’t be so long that somebody finds out that how well he can do without you…!


Nobody is right till somebody is wrong;
nobody is weak till somebody is strong;
nobody is lonely till somebody is gone.
I miss you.


You absence makes me walk down memory lane and it hurts my feet.
Come back to me so I can make newer memories.



I miss you sweetheart

You are the beat in my heart,
the music in my laughter,
the tears in my eyes.
You are my whole world.


Every time I think about the distance between us, my heart skips a beat.
How long are you going to make me suffer?


You may be out of my sight, but not out of my heart.
You may be out of my reach, but not out of my mind.
I may mean nothing to you, but you’ll always be special to me.


Whenever I miss you stars falls down from the sky,
so any day, if you find the sky empty don’t blame me!
It’s your fault You make me miss you so much!


There is a hole in my heart and the only plumber who can plug it is you.
Don’t forget to bring the most important tools that will help fix this leak
your hugs and your kisses. I miss you.


I have never felt so, out of control before. Of my own self, never been so unsure.
Not just my nights, even my days have become dark and blue.
It’s all because I’m missing you.