It can often be difficult to find the right words to express this feeling of lack. A person who really cares about you and who you miss can make you feel all kinds of feelings: sadness, love, nostalgia, melancholy …In love or friendship, the lack can be very painful. Sending an SMS to tell the woman or man you love that he / she misses you can warm his / her heart and do you good. You will surely find on this page a sms to say I miss you easily. Whether you are looking for a classic or more original sms, a funny or wacky text, or even a poetic or touching sms to show the man or woman of your life that he / she misses you sincerely and that you would like to be by his / her sides. Many texts will surley please your !

  • I love when we hug, but I hate it when we are not together. I love when we say hello, but saying goodbye is the hardest part. When you walk towards me, I am the happiest, but I can not stand watching you go away. I miss you more than anything.


  • A fish can not survive without fins. A bird is unable to live without wings. A crab will be useless without claws. A cat can do nothing without paws. Without you, I am nothing. I miss you, my baby.


  • I dream of holding you close, taking your hand, hugging you tightly, kissing you slowly, and letting you rest on my chest so you can hear my heart beating, like it always does when you are with me. I miss you so much, darling.


  • When I miss you, I am not okay. I am far from okay. I always wish you were with me, and my heart aches because you are not here.


  • When I miss you, it is not only a habit but a huge addiction. It is not a compulsion, but desperation full of pain and heartbreak. I miss you every second of my life.


  • The lovely day is incomplete without the gentle sun. The beautiful night is incomplete without shiny stars and a bright moon. As for me, I am incomplete without you. I am missing you so much, baby.


  • When you are not with me, I see no difference between being alive and dead. My sweetheart, come back to me soon. I miss you, my love, oh how much I miss you.


  • Every minute apart from you is like a day without water in the desert. I want you to be back with me and to hold you in my arms. I miss you so much, honey.


  • When we are together, my life is a bright blue sky with warm sunshine and colourful rainbow. When we are apart, my life is just a continuous black night. I wish you were here with me.


  • I miss you, but it is a temporary feeling. I know that you will be back with me soon. I know nothing in the world could ever keep us apart.

Romantic i miss you sms for her

Are you looking for sweet and romantic missing you messages and quotes to express how much you missed your girlfriend? Even if you are not good with passionate words, you can use some of these ideas and make them your own! Here are some of the best missing you text messages for the girl that you love.

  • I miss you so much, the only things on my mind are the day when I will see you again and how I am going to do to never let you go again.


  • When you are not along with me I feel like the time stops and that is something a I cannot resist, everyday your absent is bigger.


  • I miss you so much, if it wasn’t because every time I close my eyes I see your beautiful little face, I would be already crazy of love.


  • I came to the conclusion that thanks to you I am a new person, so I need you because I do not want to be the person I was before I met you .


  • If you miss me as much as I do, you must look at our photo album and you will feel I am close to you.


  • I miss you so much that I thought about replacing you, but I realize that there is nobody around the world who makes me feel the way you do.


  • Every minute by your side makes me the happiest man over the world. However, since you are gone I miss to be that person again.


  • I miss you when I wake up, when I smile, when I cry, when a close my eyes, and I miss you even more because I know you miss me too.


  • I miss you, I miss you, I miss you I miss you… sorry but these are the only words coming out from me right now.


  • Sorry because I went away from you, today I found out I cannot be without you, please tell me that you think about me too and will never go away again.

I miss you sms for him

If you have trouble finding the best ways to tell your boyfriend that he is always the first thing on your mind, you can send him a romantic I miss you message to make sure he knows how much you treasure him. Of course, first of all, you need to be certain that your relationship is serious enough because the boy you just met will most likely be annoyed by such affectionate texts.

  • I’m not sure what life could bring you. I’m not sure if dreams do come true. I’m not sure what love can do. But I’m sure about one thing. I miss you and will continue to miss you more with every passing day.


  • My heart is connected with your heart with unbreakable threads and when I miss you, I am overwhelmed with sadness. Come soon, the days without you are torture for me.


  • Without you there is no me, without your love there is no warmth in my life, you have opened Eden for me, in which I want to plunge. I miss you


  • Do you know why it is raining today? Because my heart weeps with longing for you, I miss you more than you can imagine! Kisses!


  • It does not matter how many miles you are away from me because I’ll always be with you, and if you listen, you will hear the beating of my heart, it beats for you. I miss you.


  • Even if to love you denoted to endure unbearable pain every day, I would agree without hesitation because your love is worth any sacrifice.


  • The universe gave you to me, and I promised to love you, protect, appreciate and take care of you. So I cannot live without you no more than one day, I really miss you, my love.


  • I miss you when I wake up, I miss you when I fall asleep, my heart yearns for you, honey, be with me always, and do not give me time for boredom.


  • This morning I looked in the mirror, I noticed that something had changed in me. You left and I lost shine in my eyes, which only you can give. I love you and I miss you, come back soon.


  • Your love is a heavenly gift which I was lucky enough to get because your love has changed me and the world around me became brighter. I miss you, my sweetheart.