♥ My darling / sweetheart … I wanted to tell you I love everything about you: your smile, your eyes, your little character, your good humor … well, the list goes on … I expect see you to continue in your arms

♥ Every time you kiss me or you tell me “I love you” my heart ablaze like a thousand fireworks … ..I love you.

♥ To tell you I love you is well below what I feel for you because my eyes see only you and my ears hear only your voice and my heart beats only for you … well i live just for you my love.

♥ I put my life in your hands, for that beyond the dream, you gave me such a strong dose of love that I felt able to face anything for you.

♥ I do not have a strong enough word for what I feel for you my love, you add beats to my heart, you put color in my life, you light the stars in my sky … you make me discover the love !!! I love you my heart

♥ Your voice is the only thing that awakens my sens.The words that glide over your lips, make me devouted. I would be the person who would make your life happy until the end of time

♥ My love, my life, my heart, my soul … Do not forget that I love you !!!

♥ To me you are the most beautiful, the strongest and most intelligent. You are unique. Magnificent, never forget. I love you.

♥ I would be the sun of your days, the moon of your nights, the tears of your eyes, the remedy for your pain, the smile of your joys and the unique person in your life, I love you more than anything.

♥ I feel something in my heart, it’s like a little flame, every time I see you, this flame lights up, this flame is special for you, because I LOVE YOU

♥ You are my joy, you are my pain you are my song, my color and the softness of my blood, that makes my heart beat, and that’s why I love you.

♥ I love you more than all the stars in the sky. I love you more as each moment passes us by. I love you more with every breath I take. I love you more with each promise we make.

♥ Touch my heart and you’ll feel, Listen to my heart and you’ll hear, Look into my heart and you’ll see, That you’ll always be a special part of me.

♥ I don’t have money to live with you i don’t have car to go with you i don’t have flower to give it to you but i have my heart who says I LOVE you!

♥ Your precious love has turned my life completely around, I feel like I’m walking but my feet don’t seem to touch the ground..!!

♥ Being next to you … Tell me I have found true love, thinking that you’ll always be there for me and telling you that i love you is my great pleasure

♥ Listen to my heart it will guide you on the path to happiness, it will lead you to paradise of love that lasts forever. It’s always better to be two and if you find yourself alone don’t be af afraid, come to me I will be there for you.

♥ It took a second to love you and I will forever to forget you.

♥ Far from you my nights may not be pleasant to think of you just makes them bearable. I think of you and miss you very much.

♥ I would like to find the words to tell you how much I love you, but they do not exist strong enough !!!

♥ My heart, I want to tell you one thing: I love you. Now and forever. I LOVE YOU so much

♥ Keep this message close to your heart. It carries the proof of my love for you. I love you my darling.

♥ Loving you is like breathing. I can not stop, it is essential to my survival.

♥ I do not have teh heart big enough to hold all the feelings I have for you every day, I love you strong, you are my love.

♥ Before you I was nothing without you I am nothing, With you I feel alive, without you live is no longer possible, I love you!

♥ I waited you for all my life, so do not expect me to give you one day! You are the most dear person to my heart! I love you!

♥ To you who brightens my nights Who illuminates my life I give you all my AMOURET forever my pleasure Guardian Guardian of my desires I would be forever yours I love you

♥ I love you, you love me, in my heart you’ll always be, here or there, near or far, my love will be wherever you are.

♥ Among billions and millions of people, I choose one person. The person I want to be my soul mate. It is You, My True Love.

♥ Your presence gives me power to face my problems and keeps me going. Your smile makes me strong and your love gives me feeling of completeness. Thank you My Love! For being there with me every time.