Love is not what you expect. It is not a bed of roses, its not a cup of tea, it’s a path full of thorns and a lake of fire. Love needs always to be maintained with sweet words, actions and much care. A simple message that you can send to that special someone in your life telling him/her about your love is of great importance to your couple. Never understimate the power of a simple text sms with the right words to to the right person.


      Love sms to the love of my life

Just as the wind dances in my hair,
as the ocean massages my thoughts,
as the sun blankets me in happiness,
and as the earth travels with me across universal challenges,
so all the elements of your love fill my life.

I love you, not for what you are,
but for what I am when I am with you.


I can’t
write beautiful poetry,
I can’t put my words into
I can’t express all that is in my heart,
But somehow, “I Love You”…
Says it all…


Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend was choice,
but falling in love with you was completely out of my control


Every time I hear my text tone,
I always hope one of them is from you.
My cell phone may have limited memory space
but my heart has unlimited space for you.

I loved you at first glance.
You inspire me. You suck me.
You fascinate me. You drive Me crazy.
I love you.


SMS to write you I love you. You beautified my life by your smiles and your tender glances.
I think of you in all time, and wherever I am.
You are omnipresent in my heart and in my soul.
I love you


I love you and you love me,
in my heart you’ll always be, here or there, near or far,
my love will be wherever you are!

      Text sms to say i love you

I love you … I love you …
It is not easy to write without inspiration,
it is not easy to laugh , Without joy,
it is not easy to love , Without heart ,
but I think I have one, that’s why I can tell you ,
I love you …


Some say love happens only once
some say love can happen twice
but i can say that i have fallen in love like a million times
cause every time i see u i fall in love with u again & again


I’m glad you are thoughtful,
I’m glad you are understanding,
I’m glad you are so much fun to be around,
But most of all…
I’m glad you are with me
Love You.


You are the love of my life,
the light of my soul,
the water that makes me grow and
the one that makes my life meaningful!
I love you more then I have ever!


I could never forget the warmth of your hands on my hands.
I want to feel it every day and every night.
So please, be mine.


I was thinking how can I say three words to you. Then I found a way.
“I” feel very happy with you.
“Love” is so beautiful.
“You” are enough for me for this life.
Now join first words of the sentences.


You’are My Happiness you Turned My Tears
Into Smile & My Nightmares Into Sweet Dreams
My Only Dream is that our love might never die