Your boyfriend or husband is a special person and what special way to let him know about your feelings. Show with the following SMS messages your love, affection, and passion for your beloved. Definitely, these lines will touch his heart.

With you we will go hand in hand through life,
even if you stumble on the road of life,
I will always help you, I’ll carry you in my arms.


The day I saw you I realized that I would be your wife
and since then I have been the happiest woman in the world.


Thank you for sharing this life with me,
you have always been with me during all up and downs,
thanks to you I am alive.


You have become not only a part of my life and my destiny,
you have become the part of me,
which has brought harmony into my life.


I have never thought that three words would change my life completely.
I love you and I am ready to shout about it to everyone!


It doesn’t matter how long I should wait for you
because my love is eternal, I will be always there for you,
I love you.


I have loved you long before the beginning of times
and I will love you even when the memories of us
will be erased from the face of the Earth.


I want to be always by your side,
you gave me the feeling of completion.
I love you more than everyone in this life.


How can I describe what I feel for you with words?
In all languages of the world, I will whisper to you that I love you,
but this is not enough to describe how much I love you and need you.


It is said that only together with a real man a woman
can bloom and enjoy life, I feel like the most
beautiful flower on the planet because I am with you!
Thank you for your love.


If I could give you one thing in life,
I’d give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes,
only then would you realize how special you are to me.


I’ll hold your hand if you let me,
I’ll kiss you if you let me but I’ll love you
no matter what you tell me!


Loving you once is not enough.
Loving you twice is too tough.
Loving you thrice doesn’t seem right.
But loving you innumerable times with all my might
Is the perfect thing to do.
I am never tired of loving you.
To my cute and sexy boyfriend: I love you.


My heart may keep blood flowing in my body,
but you keep life flowing in it.
What would I do without you, dear?
I love you lots.


I don’t want to be your reflection nor do I want to be your dream.
I want to be your shadow so that I can always
follow you wherever you go. I love you.


Your absence is what I fear,
To my heart I hold you dear.
On my face, kisses you should smear;
Thundering heartbeats aloud you should hear.
You love has wiped off every tear,
To the Divine it has brought me near.
Your loss will make my soul sear;
My love for you is crystal clear.


Let me write my love for you in the sand,
so the water can wash it away and I can write it
again and again and again. I love you like crazy.