Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love, how much you care. Choose from the many messages and sms below to tell those who mean a lot for you about your love feelings.



I love you sms

Loving you is one of the best things that happen to me.
I will cherish every moment I spent with you.
I will always keep the loving moment in my mind
And I promise that you will be the only one.
I love you, baby!

You are the love of my life, the light of my soul,
the water that makes me grow and the one that makes my life meaningful!
I love you more then I have ever!


I want to tell this to you.
You are my heart and my soul too.
I can’t live a day without you.
My feeling cannot be expressed in words.
I love you so much my dearest queen..!!


My love listen to my voice
whispering,listen to my heart
yearning for you,look inside my
heart it is you
I need to blossom up My day love You.. !l

You’are My Happiness
You Turned My Tears Into Smile
& My Nightmares Into Sweet Dreams
My Only Dream is that our love might never die

With you in my life everything is more beautiful and intense.
You are my soul mate, my heart and my happiness …
I love you.

I love you for all you bring to me; for this love that will never die;
You think I doubt our love but doubt I do not know;
You are the great love that rushes to my head;
I am sure of myself I love you.

A small text message to tell you that I feel good with you
and you’re the best thing that happened to me.
I adore you.


Since I’m with you, I never stop thinking about you,
you are the angel who illuminates my life,
you make me stronger, I will never stop loving you even if you cross difficult times.
You will always be engraved in my heart, my love.


romantic love sms

As the days go by, my feelings get stronger for you,
I can not wait to be in your arms again,
look into my eyes and see what my heart says,
I think of you dear.

I love you and everything else you get mad,
I love you from far or near,
I love you and that’s it,
I love you to the end,
it is not a secret the effect you do to me I love you and that’s it.


Your smile …
Your eyes …
Your lips …
Your hair …
Your smile …
Your humor …
I love all of you, I love you to madness.

I do not have strong enough words to tell what I feel for you my love,
you add beats to my heart,
you put color in my life,
you light the stars in my sky …
you make me discover the Love !!!
I love you my heart

I love you beyond imagination
my dearest and promise to keep
its boundary ever unreachable

With every heartbeat my love for you grows stronger….
with every passing day…
heart grows fonder……
I can’t imagine how people spend their days apart because even a moment away from you…..
tear me apart…

your heart is my home
Warm, cozy and nice
It’s the only place
I love to be in..
Morning, noon and nite



I want to declare for now and for ever
more that I am deeply and passionately in love with you.
You are the light in my life and the only star in my personal heaven.
Let’s be together forever.