Love is not a conscious activity. Its something like reflex action. You smile and you cry without any reason. A simlpe word in love can change someone’s mood for better or worst. A sweet love word is of a great inflence on that specail someone in your life. Choose the best words to tell to your partner that you love him/her and make oh him/her a happier person. Have a look at this list of the best love sms and texts and drow a big smile both on his lips and thoughts.


I’ll hold your hand if you let me,
I’ll kiss you if you let me but
I’ll love you no matter what you tell me!

If I could give you one thing in life,
I’d give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes,
only then would you realize how special you are to me.


I loved you at first glance.
You inspire me. You suck me.
You fascinate me. You drive Me crazy.
I love you.


I love you and everything else you get mad, I love you from far or near,
I love you and that’s it, I love you to the end,
this is not a Indeed the secret you do to me I love you and that’s it.


Your smile Your eyes … … your lips …
Your hair … your smile … your humor …
I love all of you, I love you in a madness.

I could never forget the warmth of your hands on my hands.
I want to feel it every day and every night.
So please, be mine.


I have a question for you.
Why my heart trembles and my hand shakes while you are around?
Why I feel like I have everything in the world and I am so lucky?


Not everyone is able to express the feelings of love here. So do I.
That’s why I am sending my heart to you,
peep in it and see whats in it for you.


Among billions and millions of people, I choose one person.
The person I want to be my soul mate.
It is You, My True Love.

Your presence gives me power to face my problems and keeps me going.
Your smile makes me strong and your love gives me feeling of completeness.
Thank you My Love! For being there with me every time.


There is only one sweet heart for me.
He is near my heart and in my eyes.
He will be remain there till my life ends.
He is my best friend, my love.


Your name written in sand was washed away,
your name in the sky blew away,
but your name is now in my heart, where it’ll stay!


I love you and you love me,
in my heart you’ll always be,
here or there, near or far,
my love will be wherever you are!


If anyone asked me to define love,
I’d send them to you so they could see
a real example of what that feeling actually is!


To see the smile on your face is all I desire,
to see your eyes gleam with joy I all I want,
if I want that for me more than for you, then I think I love you!

My love for you is like the stars,
invisible sometimes but always available
if you look for it with all your heart!