Love makes you realize that life doesn’t need to be perfect as long as it is happy. An ‘I love you’ message can instantly bring a smile to your girlfriend’s face. It’s a way to make her feel special, loved, and cared for. Sending sweet love messages to your girlfriend is a simple way to make your lady feel extraordinary. It’s a sweet and lovely gesture to make her feel important. Here is a collection of “I Love You” sms that can help you find sweet sms to send to your woman.

I want all of you forever,
You and me together…
For each and every day.
I love you so much!!


I saw in your eyes and realized
that there lies my world.
You are my world.
I love you.


I can’t imagine how dull and boring my life would be without you.
You’re the coolest and the funniest girl I know.
Love every inch of you.


I love the way you smile at me,
I love the way you look at me and
I love the way you love me.
Life can’t be more beautiful than it is now.


Every night before I go to sleep,
I imagine you next to me,
sleeping back to back and cuddling.
This is how I want us to be.


You stole my heart a long time ago
and I never want you to give it back.


The thing that I want most desperately is..YOU!!
My life is incomplete without you.
I love you.


I knew I was in love when I stopped thinking
about how pretty you look and started
seeing the beauty within you.


You are my sunshine my reason for living I want
to give to you something today I know you’ll love
it’s my everlasting devotion my never ending serenade I love you.


They ask me what I see in you and I smile,
look down and say nothing because I don’t want
them to fall in love with you too.


I tried to stop thinking about you,
but it is just not earthly possible.
I love you and every inch of your perfect body.


You are the reason I wake up with a smile on my face every morning.
You are never off my mind; You are in my dreams,
and even then, you are still perfect in every way.


I miss your smile, your gentle touch,
your loving care. I just can’t wait
to be with you again!


With you in my life, the world seems much happier,
the birds chirp a little louder,
the sun shines just a little brighter,
the grass grows a bit greener,
and my heart beats a little faster.


My heart skips a beat, my love starts churning,
my body does a silent dance, my mind spins round and round,
my smile spreads from ear to ear; all because you are near.