Express your love to that special someone in your life by sending him a sweet “i need you” text. Remaind him all the time that you miss it every time and everywhere. Here you will find a collection of the best “I Need You” sms that help you being romantic in expressing your feeling and the way you touch her or his heart.

I love you beyond imagination
my dearest and promise to keep
its boundary ever unreachable


I want to tell this to you.
You are my heart and my soul too.
I cant live a day without you.
My feeling cannot be expressed in words.
I love you so much my dearest queen..!!


I have never heard much from you.
But when I see your smile,
I know whats in your heart.
That’s love for me.


I miss you so, here around me,
so many people, but yet so alone.
I miss your lips, your lovely smile,
I miss you each day more and more!


My diamond is you.
In the sky my moon is you.
I am body my heart is you.
That’s why I always miss you


This text message is only a few little words,
but words alone could never express my love for you.
I love you more than you could ever imagine dear.


Every time I close my eyes, I see your lovely face.
Whenever I think about our relationship,
I can’t help but feel one hundred percent happy.
I’m so glad we have each other.


Alone by myself
Missing the other part of myself
Feeling like a book in need of a shelf


Without you I stay with my memories …
Pieces of the past as a broken glass mirror
but what is it for life without you …
I miss you so much my love…

When I stop thinking about you,
Blessing my heart will cease
and freeze like ice.
you mean much to me
like heaven on earth.
I love you!


Sorry because I went away from you,
today I found out I cannot be without you,
please tell me that you think about me too
and will never go away again.


I don’t wanna loose you, honey. I need you so much.
I hope that you understand. I just hope you understand
about my feeling. I love you so much.


Thinking about you tickles me. Just looking at you sends shivers down my spine.
The slightest touch of your fingers makes me feel blessed.
But nothing comes close to how I feel when I tell you,
I love you!


I love you more than all the stars in the sky.
I love you more as each moment passes us by.
I love you more with every breath I take.
I love you more with each promise we make.


our smile made me melt,
Your eyes were for me the most beautiful in the world,
your gaze so intense that made me smile
and I could watch it for hours,
in your arms I felt happy,
I was listening to you breathing and it was relaxing to me,
I was so much I wanted it to last forever.