Checking your phone and seeing a cute text message from  someone special in your life is one of those simple pleasures in life we simply can’t get enough of. Here below we will help find cute texts to send to your beloved to make him/her aware about your feelings and show them how much you like and care about them.


sms to say i like you

I like to be your gentleman and you my princess.
Dreaming that we are totally alone, you and I alone,
and we kiss for an eternity while the sun goes down slowly.


I like when you laugh and when you get upset
and even when you feel embarrassed and you face is all red.
I really like to make you laugh by giving you tickles;
I like your hair and you red cheeks.


I like to give you kisses and kept you totally mute.
I like to wake you up with some I like your messages my girl.
I like to say you are the best of my life.
I like you and only you.

I like to be with you,
going out with you,
living with you,
sleeping with you
and even dream about you.
I really like all those things.

I like to see you laughing,
I really like you flirting style,
what I feel for you is growing up each day my love.

cute ways to say i like you

My heart is overjoyed
When I’m in your arms
I think? each time
My life is nothing without you


So many thoughts that I can not get out of my head,
I try to live without you, but whenever I feel death
I know what is best for me,
But I want you instead I’ll keep wasting my time ..
I love you my love


I did not want to replace you.
Do not want to forget. Not want to move on.
Do not want to live without you.
Do not want to smile without you. I love you me.


A kiss says it all
And here’s one to say
That I’m thinking of you.


I feel something in my heart, it’s like a little flame, every
time I see you, this flame lights up, this flame is special for
you, because I LOVE YOU