After a Very Busy and Hardworking Day all, You need is a Rest and Weekend is the Best Days in the Whole week. Everyone is Waiting for Weekend to Enjoy and To have Fun with Friends. If you like to send a message to your friends or that special someone, but can’t you think of the right words. Well do not worry, in this section we bring you a complete list of texts for you to wish a happy weekend and receive in return the friendliness of your friends.

Finally the week ends, it seemed never ending.
Enjoy your weekend to the most you can,
even if you get tired to Monday, but happy


The plan for Friday can be extended to Saturday and then to Sunday.
For sure we will get to Monday upset because of the hangover,
but then there’s next weekend. Happy weekend


There is no greater word that Friday.
Have a great weekend full of dancing,
fun and if you are going drink quite a lot,
don’t lose your head


It’s already the weekend and the end of the month,
it’s time to dance, sing and celebrate.
Seize time as we’ve received our payment,
let’s have a great time!


This week seemed like forever, but finally it’s arrived,
it’s here, it’s Friday! Now if it was time for revenge,
we’re all celebrating. The night is young.


Hi, Another Weekend is coming.
I am going to celebrate it.
And Wishing all of my facebook Friends a Happy weekend


Forget about what happened within the week.
Weekend signals a fresh new start.
Good Saturday and Sunday to you and your family!


Saturday is a day in which everyone rests to kill
the stress of the past working days.
I hope you had a wonderful outing with your family?
Jump up and celebrate as if it is your wedding day. Happy Saturday!


When you rise in the morning, remember to thank God for your night,
give thank for light and a lovely sunshine,
give thanks for the food well set on your dining. Happy weekend!


Today is Saturday, so put a big round smile on your face.
You need to be cheerful today because it is one of
the interesting days of the week.
I love Saturday because through it I can flex around the town.
Happy resting!


Always put smile on your face and be cheerful with the people around you.
No human will like to talk with a frowning face.
Happy weekend!


The brightness of today will shine on you only if you believe it will.
The sky has a lot of spaces each having a reason to smile
at you because you are a special star. Are you not happy


We are always working for a better future.
When it comes tomorrow, but instead of enjoying,
and we believe once again in a better future.
Good Morning.
Have a great Saturday !…


Weekends remind me of rainbows.
They look good from far way…
but when we get close, they disappear.
Have a nice weekend!


You put:
The fun in together;
The sad in apart;
The hope in tomorrow;
And joy in my heart!
Have a nice weekend!