If you are looking from new ideas to say good night to your love with a short text before you get to sleep here you will find what you look for. Take inspiration from this article and tell your love how much you feel lonely without him / her especially the night before going to bed!


Good night my love

Welcome aboard to Sweet Dreams airline,
All passengers on bed hug ur pillows,
As the flight will be leaving soon to dream land.
Enjoy your time Good night


If only there was no distance between,
I would have kissed you goodnight..
Anyways, good night my love


The first person that you think of in the morning
and the last person you think of in the night
is either the
cause of your happiness
the cause of your pain.


Its night time again time to take your rest again
and its that time again to remind you i’ll love you
again and again sweet dreams


As your head lay on thy pillow remember our love weighs a ton not a kilo
as i lay you to sleep on thy pillow i’ll always be your friend
and your hero love you today and tomorrow


I could simply say goodnight and that would be just alright
but for a star like you so bright I’ll say it in a rhyme
hope this sounds alright love you goodnight


You are the very beginning of a new life to me.
The sure reason a glorious future awaits me.
I love you like I would ever love no one else,
and you are my one and only forever.


I wish I could be besides you as you open those cute eyes.
Would brush my fingers by your hair and lay your hands aside.
Then I would say a prayer for today to protect you from falling.
Lastly I would take your hand in mine and wish u good morning.


All my worries are gone, All my struggles are done!
My future is great with you. And from now, that I can envisage.
I love my life with you. Good morning!


Sharing a smile is the easiest way to get your day started off right.
Here is a smile for you so that you can have a day as wonderful as you are.


I wish moon always be full & bright and U always be cool & right.
Whenever U go to switch off the light, Remeber that I’m wishing U …
Good Night!

Goodnight my love, pleasant dreams, sleep tight my love,
may tomorrow be sunny and bright and bring you closer to me.


The moon is angry at me and jealous of you because
I said that no one can light my nights up like my girlfriend.
Good night.


This text is a drug which drives away NIGHTMARES and induces SWEET DREAMS.
Recommended dosage is One Message every few hours.
Good night.