One of the most flattering things you can hear is actually that someone is thinking about you all day long. It simlpy means that you matter to them. Finish your day wishing that special someone to your life having a lovely good night and never let distance be an obstacle between you and your lover. There are heaps of ways in which you wish a good night without saying it. they might be not saying  aloud but written within a lovely sweet text in where you widh him/her a good night.


  • Wishing a sweet good night with a sweet sms

I am looking at the beautiful moon and thinking about that night when I gave you the first kiss,
it was one of the best days of my life because it meant the start of our sweet love story,
have a good night my girlfriend


When I go to sleep hugging my pillow I imagine it is you.
Someday I will have the privilege of sleeping next to you,
for now I will settle for dreaming about you every night.
I love you so much.


I started counting one star in the sky for each reason I love you…
Then I ran out of stars and I realized the reasons are infinite.


Night Is A Nice Gift, So Open The Gift By Closing Your Eyes
You Will See The Another Wonderful World Waiting For You…
Enjoy It With Sweet Dreams…


I wish moon always be full & bright and U always be cool & right.
Whenever U go to switch off the light, Remeber that I’m wishing U …
Good Night!


Touch your heart, close ur eyes.
Make a wish, say goodnight.
Sky so wide, stars so bright,
off the lights, sleep so tight.


When an angel came to me,
He asked: “What is your wish for tonight?”
I said “Please take care of the
Person who’s reading this message.”
Good Night!


The most beautiful thing about every night is not the stars being with the moon
or cool breeze being with the clouds, but you being with me.
Good Night.


I’m just about to fall asleep and had a thought of how beautiful you are.
Good night gorgeous.

Just want to say good night to you.
Wish you were here so I could hug/kiss you goodnight.

They say love is patient, but I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!
I’m going to bed now so I can wake up sooner…
Nighty, night gorgeous!

  • Texts of good night 

The best thing about night is that
I can dream about you all night long…
Good night babe!


Thinking about you is the tipping point
where my nightmares end and sweet dreams begin.
I love you.

The moon is angry at me and jealous of you
because I said that no one can light my nights up like my girlfriend.
Good night.


This text is a drug which drives away NIGHTMARES and induces SWEET DREAMS.
Recommended dosage is One Message every few hours.
Good night.


The night is finally here, and nothing I can do can make me stop thinking of you.
I hope your dreams bring you happiness and my thoughts bring you love


I’m lying in bed thinking of you.
I always thought that my life was going to be planned out;
you know, simple and boring.
When I met you, my heart skipped a beat,
and we’ve been on a rollercoaster ever since.


You are the one thing I love the most in this world.
You have given me hope when all I see is darkness

The night breeze blows through my hair and reminds me
of how amazing it is when we’re together.
I wish you could be here tonight.
I love you

Hey you!!!
Yes you…
the cute one…
holding this
are you asleep?
Juste wanted to say
Good Night..!


Before you sleep, i’d like to say, may angels sweep your worries away!
May your dreams be sweet and filled with love, and may God bless you from above.
Sleep tight.