Surely you will feel happy when you get up in the morning, check your mobile phone and read a beautiful good day messages from someone special for you? The joy you feel when reading theses sweet words will certainly help start your day with more enthusiasm and joy. Have a nice day! these four words that come truly from one’s heart to wish others to have a nice day. Below you can find cute messages under Have a nice day sms section to wish a nice day to your beloved friends, relatives and colleagues.

Stay positive
the things you’re waiting and hoping for,
tend to arrive at the most unexpected moments.
Good morning


Good Morning
Luck is not in your hands..
But decision is in your hands
Your decision can make luck,
but luck can never make your decision.
So always trust yourself.
Have a nice day


A perfect day should be started not with coffee or with tea.
It should be started with me!
A lovely morning to you my dear!


Welcome the new day with smile
Embrace the joy and happiness.
Enjoy your day to the fullest.
Good morning


May this morning and the day brings smile
in your face and fills your heart with happiness!
Good Morning


Dreaming big is great but sleeping big is not.
So, good morning and wake up!


You are the first thing to enter my mind
in the morning and the last thing
to leave my heart at night.
Good Morning, Have A Good Day!


You have no idea how good it feels to wake up
every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours.
” Good Morning”


Like the sunshine in the morning,
may this brighten your day,
and remind you that you’re thought
of in a very warm way.”
Good Morning!


After waking up in the morning think about
the brand new day you are getting with 24 hours to spend.
Use these hours fruitfully and you will know success.
Good Morning


A new day brings fresh thoughts and new level of energy.
Use these gifts to propel your journey to success.
Good Morning


Every morning I think of you
as my first thought
and wish for a bright day of yours.
Good day!


As the morning sun rises
I am here to wish you energy
and success all day.
Have a good day!


Until you open your lazy eyes
and curl your hair,
Let me welcome you
to this day with fresh morning air.
Have a lovely day ahead!


A new sun and cool morning
to wish you a warm
and soothing day ahead.
Good day!


Hope your day begins with love
and ends with blissful memories.
Have a nice day dear!


My heart is asking me to wish you a nice day
filled with fun and spirit!!