Below in this post you will find a list of good morning sms, good morning messges and good morning text that can help you have an idea write to your love and remaind him or her about your love and that you think of him/her from sunlight through a love good morning


love good morning sms

I must be the luckiest guy alive because every day I see the same girl who I saw in my dreams the previous night.
Good morning.

Just wanted to say good morning
to one of the person that means the world to me.

Every sunrise gives me a new day to love you!
Good morning, sweetheart.
Hope you have an amazing day!


The first thing I do every morning before I open my eyes is seeing you in my mind.
That helps me wake up with energy because you are my reason to live.
I love you.


I woke up this morning thinking of the smiles and laughter and all the happiness that we have experienced,
all I want to say is I love you very much.
Good Morning sweet heart!

The night is gone the morning has come sip on your coffee and, give it a start.
Have a very good morning!

A closed letter with a beautiful expression
and a bouquet of flowers with a good fragrance carried by a thousand birds singing Good morning.

I’ve just woke up and my heart already is beating at full speed for you.
Good day my love.
I love you

Good day my heart.
Although we could not spend the night together, my mind is already full of thought for you this morning.


I dreamt about you all night,
now I’m thinking about you all day. You’re great.
I love you


It is not because you were not in bed last night that I’m not going to say hello and to wish you a good day.
I love you my dear.


I can not forget to say hello to you even with a banal text message but full of sincerity.
I love you my heart and a good day.


Hello my love, I hope this day will pass very quickly because I know that tonight I will see you and kiss you,
have a good day my heart.

good morning texts

I am sending you this message not just to say good morning s
but also to put a big smile on your face.


You are the star that twinkles in my sky and the sunshine that brightens my life.
Good morning.

I’m thinking of you
And wish you a great day
I want the best for you
and hope things go your way.


The Sun peeps through the curtains
And sees us wrapped
In each other’s arms.
Good Morning my Love!


A breeze awakens the earth.
The sun colors the sky.
The birds enliven the world.
Have a Beautiful Morning!


It makes me so happy,
this is what I’m gonna do,
Send a good morning message
right back to you,
Good Morning