You are in love and you want to make your lover’s day special from sunrise ? You can do it wit sending a text message in where you wish her a lovely good morning with all your love. Here we collected for you the 10 best good morning sms for your sweetheart. Hve a look and choose the one you like most and send it and make her day full of love and happiness.


You are the pulse that throbs in my veins,
you are the antidote that frees me of all pains.
You are the rhythm of my heartbeat,
without you my life would be incomplete.
Good morning.


I don’t care whether the sun rises or not,
my morning starts only after I say that I love you a lot.
Good morning

The rising sun reminds me of your radiant face
and the misty dew reminds me of your dreamy eyes.
The sounds of the bustling city remind me of your soft whispers
and the cool breeze reminds me of your tantalizing kisses.
Good morning.


Every night I fall asleep dreaming about what
it would be like to hug you during the day and
I pass every day imagining what it would be like
to dream about you at night.
Good morning.


It’s time to open your eyes beautiful
and greet the world with the love and happiness
you have shown me.


Your smile is radiant as the sun.
I hope that you wake up with a smile on your face
and brighten up the world’s day half as much as you do mine.

he light of the world is something that starts with you.
The moment your eyes waken,
it’s like a dark cloud has lifted
and the world is right again


It is impossible to see the beauty of your eyes
without the radiance of the beautiful morning sun.
So let’s wait for the light to shine as
I see the clear future in your charming eyes.
Good morning my love!


The breeze of this cold morning reminds me of the wonderful feeling
of your romantic touch- a sweet sensation I feel on my skin,
inspiring a surge of joy inside of me.
Good morning baby!

Every sunrise gives me a new day to love you!
Good morning sweetheart, hope you have a wonderful day!