Choose from the list below a text message to wish a good day for your love, your friend or your family memeber and sent it. Have a look and make a wish them having a sweet lovely day with all your love!


Have a good day sms

A Smile Is The Lighting System Of The Face,
Cooling System Of Head And
Healing System Of Heart.
So Keep Smiling All Day.
Have A Nice Day!!!


I Want To Be The Reason Why
You Smile Every Morning, I
Want To Be The Reason For
The Happiness In Your Heart,
The Spring In Your Step And
The Song On Your Lips.
Have A Great Day Ahead!


Happiness is not something you postpone for the future.
It’’s something you design for the present.
Make each moment a happy one.
I just did it by remembering you!
Good Morning & Have a nice day


You can’t bring back yesterday,
You can’t look into tomorrow.
So the only gift you have is today.
That is why it’s called the present.


There are many stars but the Moon is U,
There are many friends but the Best is U,
To forget Me is up to U,
To forget U is something I’ll never do!
***Good Morning***!


A smile is –
The lighting system of the face,
The cooling system of the brain
The healing system of the heart.
Keep smiling always.
Have a Nice Day


You are the light of my world,
The music in my heart and
The first thought of my day.
Good Morning My Dear.

A smile to start your day,
A prayer to bless your way.
A song to lighten your burden
A message to wish you good day
Good Morning!


Today I pray for you:
A heart free of sadness;
A mind free of worries;
A life full of gladness;
A body free of illness;
And a spirit full of God’s blessings!
Good Day!!

Wishing a good day texts

A good heart can win many relationships;
A good nature can win many good hearts!
Hv A GooD DaY!


Don’t wait for people to make your day.
Just go ahead and make theirs’.
Good day!


May you rise each testing day with fully charged phone in your hand,
inspiring msg in your mind, me in your heart,
& a clear signal all day long. Have a Nice day!


In life when you get troubles, don’t get nervous…
Just close your eyes and follow ur heart…
b’coz heart may be in left but it is always right.
Have a Nice Day!


Don’t let little things get you down.
You’ve got many big reasons to look up to God and say thanks.
It’s going to be a great day!

We are born in one day.
We die in one day.
We can change in one day.
And we can fall in love in one day.
Anything can happen in just one day.
Good day!