Choose from the many good afternoon sms, good afternoon messages and good afternoon texts here below and send to either your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend or your family and make them feel good by remainding them that you are always thinking of them!



Good afternoon sms


It’s a beautiful afternoon because the sun is shining,
the sky is clear and quiet and you’re in my mind and my heart


Have a good afternoon pretty,
make me a little bit happy replying this message with anything that comes from your heart


Good afternoon love of my life,  I just want to say that you’re the only one who makes me happy and I know you feel the same


Good afternoon queen of my heart,  do with me whatever you want because I’m a slave of your love


Life is a magic… The beauty of life is next second….. which hides thousands of secrets. I wish every second will be wonderful in your life. Good afternoon.


Good evening message


It Feels Bad That I Cant See You This Afternoon,
I Miss You More Everyday Of My Life
And Pray To God That He Will Give Us
The Opportunity To Share A Life Time .
Have A Good Afternoon,
Lots Of Love.


Good evening
I pass to wish want
a great afternoon
and very evening StartRight
today we have the sun
I hope that will continue
then good night kiss


Noon time – it’s time to have a little break,
Take time to breathe the warmth of Sun,
Who is shining up in between the Clouds,
Good Afternoon!


The gentleness of this evening breeze makes me miss you more and more.
You’ll always have a place in my mind and heart.
Good evening

It was an beautiful afternoon when we met, the sunset was ending when we kissed for the first time,
that’s why every afternoon is special for me and I’m sure it’s for you too,
Good afternoon