Sending sms to say it’s over to your boyfreind or girlfriend is much more better than saying it directly  so as not hurting them more! So if you are in need of break up sms and texts here you will find a list of messages that you can send  and make an end to your relationship!


It’s over sms

This is difficult for me to say. You know how I am.
I’m not a person good with words but its been quite obvious.
For a long time now, its NOT working out for us I’m sorry, its over!

I would tell you this in person, but I wouldn’t be able to make myself do it.
I think it’s best we don’t see each other anymore.


The fact that you do not trust me really hurts me.
Your paranoia is creating a lot of tension between us.
I do not know how else I can prove that it is you that I love and not any other girl.
I think we need a break from each other for awhile to reassess our relationship.

I trusted you so much and it hurts so much that you could betray me in the worst way possible.
I hoped we would be together for a long time but your unfaithfulness will always be a wall between us.
I am sorry we have to end this relationship.

I am sorry that I cannot be the kind of man you can manipulate,
disrespect and twist around your little finger.
I prefer that we end things here and now and we go our separate ways.


That our love has trickled down to cold looks and hurtful words means it is over.
Let us just be grown up about it and accept that things are not working out between us.
It is time to say goodbye.

Break up texts

I do not wanna break your heart, but I have to tell you …
I believe that the flame i have for you today is switched off.
You deserve better than me!


Everything has a beginning a middle and an end.
It has passed the milestone of the beginning.
We arrived in the middle.
Now it is the end.


Our relationship was so empty feelings
I did not need more words to break up with you


Our relationship is coming to an end.
We must break up and pursue two different paths.
This separation will certainly be difficult to live for both of us …
Everyone will live this sentimental rupture in its way.


It’s over, I love you no more
I do not deserve you
You have nothing to do with this break, it is me who is wrong.


From this moment we no longer speak of our love story in the present but in the past …


I have made a few bad decisions in my life.
Giving you my number was one of them.
We are done.


We could have been something, but you had to ruin it.
I am through with you!