Birthdays are the tolling of a bell that marks the coming of a time of festive joy and love, a time to treasure life and love. Wish a happy birthday to your partner, lover, friend or a family member by sending them a text message with your best wishes on their special day. Take a look at these best 20 sms and choose the one you loke the most and drow a big smile on their faces on their best day.


A year of fun and happiness
Is my birthday wish 4 u
U r someone special and ur birthday should b too!
Happy Birthday My Dear

Before the clock strikes 12,
Let me take the opportunity,
To let you know that you,
Have grown a year more…
Happy birthday


Fly in the plane of ambition,
And land on the airport of success,
Luck is yours,
Wish is mine
May ur future
Always shine. . .

Happy birthday to you,
Even though i wish it earlier i dun cared.
Dun forget bout our friendship, that we’ve shared.


Hey,u r
1 year older now,
1 year smarter now,
1 year bigger now,and now u r
1 year closer to all your wishes.happy birthday

My wish for you is that you continue
to love life and never stop dreaming.
May beauty and happiness surround you,
not only on your special day, but always.

May your special day bring plenty of excitement, fun,
and appreciation from those who love you.
I can’t think of anyone more deserving than you!


Instead of counting candles on your birthday cake this year,
count all the memories the two of us hold dear!
Happy Birthday from your Best Friend!


We have been together so long, I can’t think of life without you.
But I will never tire of wishing you happy birthday.
Live long, love life and relish every moment.


You are truly fantastic aunt and I wish you
all the happiness this world can bring.
I love you, best bday!

I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead
is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises
and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish
in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

May your birthday be filled with many happy hours
and your life with many happy birthdays.


Wishing you all the great things in life,
hope this day will bring you an extra share
of all that makes you happiest.
Happy Birthday.


You will soon start a new phase of life!
But that can wait until you are older.
Enjoy another year of being young.
Happy Birthday.

Its a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you,
someone thinks about you, someone needs you;
but it feels much better when you know that someone
never ever forgets your birthday.


Happy Birthday my sweetest love,
not a day goes by when I do not think of you
and how empty my life would be if you were not here.


Today marks the day a good person was born, with a lovely heart,
a beautiful body, an enchanting smile, an influential mind,
and an appealing personality.


It is a nice feeling to have known a gold hearted person
like you in whom I can confide everything.
Whose presence around has always been a source
of joy and happiness for me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Yes, today is my birthday!


It must have been a rainy day when you were born,
but it wasn’t really rain, the sky was crying because
it lost his most beautiful angel …
happy birthday dear one.

On your birthday,
I’d like to take some time to think about all of the wonderful times we’ve shared together.
I’m thankful for our adventures and all of the things that we’ve done as friends.
I look forward to making many more memories with you