Despite the fact that you bought a present, another more important thing that will make your girlfriend  happy on her birthday is a birthday message. Make her fall for you all over again by writing a romantic birthday wish straight from the heart. Make this birthday special by telling her how you really feel about her. There are so many ways to express your love and appreciation for your girlfriend on her very special day. Birthday messages can be charming and sweet. Check out this selection of the best birthday sms ans sent it for sunrise to make her day special.


May you follow your dreams and always believe in yourself.
Keep your eyes on the stars and hope in the heart and leave the rest up to God.
Happy Birthday!


Mountain, rain or summer heat;
Your Love is the reason why I breathe.
Tell me dear what is sweet?
Is that you or your heartbeats?
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

My girl, my girlfriend, My dollu, my mollu,
my sweetu, my lovu, my angel, my jaan, my jaanu, my jaana,
my soni, my shona, my LOVE, my life, happy birthday


You mean everything to mean I love u..
sweetheart wishing you a birthda as beautiful as you..


Dear Sweetheart,
On your birthday, I am thinking about the best gift I could choose for you.
Would it be a wet kiss, a loving hug or a red rose?
Please take your pick or you can even have them all.
Have a memorable Birthday!


Since you came into my life,
all colors have become clearer.
You brought light and colors in my dark life.
Happy birthday, my love


Tonight is a special night out.
I’m taking you somewhere where all wishes come true,
and I’ll try to make everything unforgettable.
Happy birthday, my sweetheart.


Thank you for all the good moments that you brought into my life.
Happy birthday, love and I wish you all the best.
Love you!

Have I told you that you become more kissable
on certain days of the year? Today is one of them.
Happy birthday.

All I want in life, is to be the reason for you
to look forward to waking up every day with a smile.
Happy birthday.

Pretty as a rose, sweet like honey
thanks for making my life, bright and sunny.
Happy birthday.


Happy birthday, darling. You’re my greatest love,
my greatest joy, my greatest passion and my greatest adventure
all rolled up into the greatest girlfriend in the world.


Happy birthday! You’re my special girl.
From morning to night,
I will make your special day as exciting and beautiful as you!


I promise to make this birthday the loveliest and sweetest you’ve ever had!
I love you more and more with each single one!
Happy birthday.


A kiss here, a kiss there,
a thousand kisses for your birthday!
Have a lovely day and may everyone see your gorgeous smile