Never waste an opportunity to keep in touch with your friends or loved ones and show them that they are always in your thoughts and hearts especially in occasions like birthdayse. Here you will find some of the best sms to wish a happy birthday to your friend, lover or a family member. Have a look and make a big smile on your realtives’ best day.


Happy birthday wishes

You are so beautiful my love for you will always be true,
here’s a wish for my darling…
may all your dreams come true
i wish you a very happy birthday.
with lots of love and kisses…
from a heart that beats…
just for you by me.

Wishes of happiness especially for you,
Not just on your birthday but all the year through
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!
I wish and pray that God give you gud health
and protection,
more wealth and prosperity 2 help people in needs,
continues happiness,
protection and peace of mind and most of all
May God address what your heart desire…
God Bless and take care…

Wishing you not just a smile but laughter,
Not just happiness but joy,
Not just riches but wealth,
And most of all love and peace of mind.
Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to you.
May you have many more.
You have been a great friend to me.
I have a little wish, may we be friends Till the world ends.


I hope that you have the greatest birthday ever from the moment
you open your eyes in the morning until they close late at night.


You will soon start a new phase of life! But that can wait until you are older.
Enjoy another year of being young.
Happy Birthday.

May life’s brightest joys illuminate your path,
and may each day’s journey bring you closer to your dreams!

May your days always be full of sunshine and rain, waterfalls and deserts,
butterflies and bees and everything else that life has to offer.
Happy Birthday.


Happy birthday to you,
Even though i wish it earlier i dun cared.
Dun forget bout our friendship, that we’ve shared.


I cannot express how happy I am that you celebrate
the years of your life! My wish for you is that you are
celebrating your birthday. May you will be happy and healthy forever.

I hope all your birthday dreams
and wishes come true feast.
its my wish my dear.