Every sunset gives us  one day less to live!  But every sunrise gives us,  one day more to hope! Don’t under-estimate yourself and believe in you and your success in whatever you do.  If  you  know  someone  under  the  pressure  of accomplishing  something  of  great importance in his life, then you just need to send him a sweet text in where you wish him or her best of luck. Be by his sides at his special day and if distance make you apart send him/her a good luck sms which you will find in this collection of best luck sms.

Don’t let others make your future;
be the maker of your own path;
you have the talent and you have the courage and don’t think about the rest;
give your best and I am always with you.
I wish you best of luck.



Want you to have the best of days at work
and that you reach all your goals for the day.
I love you with all my heart.



Today is going to be a big day, you just have
to believe it and do everything thinking of our love.
You will see that you will do just fine my love.



Remember that throughout the day I will be thinking of you
and sending you a lot of encouragement
so that you can do well in the office.
See you soon my love.



Good Luck dear for your trip and come back
soon as the world around would be shattered without you.
Enjoy your trip and I will wait for you!




Trust your heart don’t be afraid to reach out to something new.
Go ahead get yor hopes up even if things turns out differently than you have imagined.
always remember no-matter what trust your heart
Good Luck,



Exam is just for a short period,
But it requires efforts of many days and months,
These days involve:
The journey of
And sleepless nights.



Have the best of luck in everything you do,
I wish that everything you wish for turns out great for you.
May luck be your best friend,
That will stand shoulder to shoulder with you till the end.



I prayed to God and asked for a special wish,
I wished for luck,
I wished the opportunity you will not miss,
So good luck from my side!



All the best and I wish that you do well
I wish that you get what you are looking for
I wish that all your wishes come true,
Only for you,
All the very best!



It doesn’t matter what you do,
I hope luck is always beside you.
Whatever you do, wherever you go,
I wish good luck will come along.



Nothing can stop you from doing your best,
nothing can pull you down – as long as you start
studying hard and stop fooling around.
Good luck.



luck is yours, wishes are mine
let ur future be always shine.
Best of Luck…



I know today is important for you
I know and I will pray all day
I know and I am exited too
May good luck be on your way!



I know that now you are on your way.
To make a change and have another life’s test,
I want to wish you good luck today,
And whatever happens – know that you are the best



To Accomplish Great Victories,
We Must Dream And Act,
Plan And Believe.
Hope You Have Done All This Towards Your Exam.