Luck is something that matters a lot, when your loved ones have to face challenging situations in life. You can inspire your love one with encouraging and warmest good luck messages. If that special someone is buckling under the pressure of an exam, write something sweet on a card or post something encouraging on their Facebook. On this page we present a large collection of good luck for exam messages, wishes and quotes.

I know today is important for you
I know and I will pray all day
I know and I am exited too
May good luck be on your way!


Do not give up,
Do not feel disheartened,
You can do it and you will do it.
Good Luck!


Work hard and you will surely achieve success.
Don’t compare yourself to others.
Just do your best.
Work towards your goals and leave the rest.
If you are ambitious about what you want,
Then you will surely pass the test!
Good Luck!


As you march towards the mission,
I wish for your victory.
As you plunge into a deep trance of hard work,
May you finish successfully.
Good Luck!


You prepared well,
You know it all right,
Just relax over the night.
Morning will come and so will the test
Don’t you worry; you just need a little rest.


Don’t worry; you’ll learn it all,
Don’t fear; don’t let your spirit fall,
Believe in yourself, and in what you know,
And tomorrow on your exams your knowledge will show.
Wish you Best of Luck for your exam!


I wish that every second you spend studying,
Tomorrow gives you great results, and you pass your exams.
I hope that you have a successful day tomorrow,
And everything goes according to plans


This exam does not mean the end of the world,
Trust me, there are worse things that I’ve heard about,
people dealt with those, too.
Pass the exam, and you’ll understand soon.
Good Luck with your exam!


I prayed to God and asked for a special wish,
I wished for luck,
I wished the opportunity you will not miss,
So good luck from my side!


Patience and hard work have a magical effect,
before which difficulties,
disappear and obstacles vanish.
Be a hard worker for your exam.


Advice for your exam;
Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion.
You must set yourself on fire.
Good Luck for your exam!


All the best and I wish that you do well
I wish that you get what you are looking for
I wish that all your wishes come true,
Only for you,
All the very best!


May today you be calm and happy,
May all turn the way you want it to be.
I know you will make it.
Trust the positive feeling,
And never stop believing.
Wish you Best of Luck!


Nothing can stop you from doing your best,
nothing can pull you down as long as
you start studying hard and stop fooling around.
Good luck.


luck is yours, wishes are mine
let ur future be always shine.
Best of Luck…


May you excel in each
May you excel in each phase of life,
May you shine like the shining star,
And never have to strive,
Good luck and good wishes!